Plumbing and Sanitary Contracting

If you have any plumbing or sanitary issues feel free to contact us.

We start with a thorough evaluation of your situation and solve your plumbing and drain issues fast. Having sufficient skills and knowledge, our certified plumbers deliver the best services, ensuring that your individual plumbing needs are met completely.

  • Complete bathroom installations (including tiling and electrics)
  • Repair burst pipes and leaks
  • Repair and install all types of taps, cisterns, toilets, baths and wash hand basins
  • Supply and fit electric showers
  • Supply and fit power showers with mains booster pumps
  • Install washing machines and dishwashers
  • Remove and replace all types of ball valves

Our Services

Electrical Services in UAQ, UAE

Electrical WorksElectrical System & Solutions for factories, industrial, commercial and residential buildings

Plumbing Services in UAQ, UAE

Plumbing and SanitaryWe solve your plumbing and drain issues and undertake installation, commissioning, testing and servicing.

Building Maintenance services in UAQ, UAE

Building MaintenanceBuilding Maintenance services like flooring and painting, steel Fabrication, gypsum and glass Partition etc

AC Repair and Maintenance services in UAQ, UAE

Air Condition WorksAC Repair, Dust Cleaning, AC Maintenance, AC Disinfection, AC Installation, Central AC,Split AC